high-quality, fiber-reinforced composite profiles

The strength of carbon lies in the combination between lightweight and high stiffness.
We offer different carbon profiles, ideal for replacing traditional materials such as steel and aluminium.



The thick-walled tube has a wall thickness of more than 2 mm and a fiber volume content of approximately 60%. The standard resin used in the production of thick walled carbon tubes is epoxy resin.

In addition, the fiber package of a thick-walled tube is made up of several layers.


The thin-walled tube is characterized by a wall thickness of up to 2 mm and a fiber volume content of up to 60% with a smooth surface. These profiles are ultra-light with optimal strength and weight ratio. Because of the low weight, these profiles are extremely suitable for use in moving (product) operations. Think in particular of integration in robot arms, model building or the car industry.

The external braid of 45 degrees provides these profiles with improved torsional rigidity and the characteristic appearance. Thin-walled tubes are produced as standard in vinyl ester matrix and epoxy as an option.


The solid carbon fiber rod has a fiber volume content around 50%. A rod is made of only unidirectional fibers. This makes the tensile load optimal and these profiles are extremely suitable for applications with high loads in the longitudinal direction. The standard solid carbon rods vary in diameter from 2 to 25 mm. The carbon rod is produced as standard in vinyl ester and optionally in epoxy.