PET-G® Polyethylene Terephthalate


High quality, extruded, transparent plastic sheets based upon PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

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PET-G ® Polyethylene Terephthalate

PET-G ® has a couple of unique characteristics: rigid, good transparency, chemical resistance, economic and ecological.

PET-G ® can be used as an alternative to acrylic (PMMA), polycarbonate (PC) and PVC sheets.


(Minimum Order Quantity MOQ 500 KG)

Thickness 0,75 mm & 1 mm in dimensions 1250 x 2050 mm and 1250 x 2500 mm
Thickness 1,5-2-3-4-5-6 mm in dimensions 2050 x 3050 mm and 2050 x 1250 mm