PTFE is a unique thermoplastic and is resistant to almost all corrosive chemicals, except for alkali metals. PTFE has wide working temperature range from -260°C to 260°C. PTFE is excellent for use in cryogenic applications as shows no embrittlement. PTFE has very good sealing properties. PTFE is not flammable unless in 94% oxygen environment and it is an excellent insulating material. PTFE is not ideal in high wear abrasive applications or in high loading applications. Here filled PTFE is used to improve resistance to load and wear.



Some of its main characteristics are:

  • Chemically inert to all known industrial chemicals
  • Low co-efficient of friction, non-stick & non-toxic
  • Wide temperature range (-260°C to +260 °C)
  • Exhibits excellent permeation resistance
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Adding fillers to PTFE increases wear-life and hardness.

PTFE stock shapes (tubes, rods & sheet) are available in the following grades:

  • Virgin Grade (no fillers added)
  • Glass Filled
  • Bronze Filled
  • Carbon Filled
  • Graphite Filled