System TIVAR® Engineering

System TIVAR® Engineering Solutions for Bulk Material Flow Problems

Mitsubishi Chemical Group offers materials and fully engineered lining solutions to provide mass flow by preventing blockages, buildups and funnel flow, to boost efficiency of bulk material handling processes.




Recognized worldwide as the premium lining material for bulk material handling, TIVAR® 88 is noted for its performance in promoting bulk solids flow of cohesive or non-free flowing materials due to its low surface friction. TIVAR® 88 liners are the perfect solution when you need to reduce or eliminate arching, ratholing and erratic material flow challenges in bins, bunkers, hoppers and chutes, railcars, etc.

Although every application is unique, some have specific environmental challenges. Mitsubishi Chemical Group has developed several proprietary formulation packages for TIVAR® 88 that enhance certain properties without negatively impacting TIVAR® 88’s key properties.

UV Resistant

For applications in outdoor environments that receive high exposure to ultra violet rays, TIVAR® 88 UV Resistant prevents premature degradation of material.

Electro Static Dissipative

In dusty or volatile environments, TIVAR® 88 ESd protects against the build-up of electrical charges.